About Us

food - carrot banana loveAround Annabelle’s Table is a tribute to a mother’s love for family, life, cooking and fun!

When you’re cooking for family you need a sensible plan, one that’s interesting, delicious and varied, oh and did I mention really good for you. You need a plan that’s rooted in love and the enjoyment of family meals.

With all the cooking shows out there it’s good to know people still are interested in traditional culinary skills. And they still want to take the good old-fashion cookbook off the shelf, put in on the kitchen counter, and try something new for their family. Its love you can taste and a feeling you can’t hide.

Opportunities to Explore with Around Annabelle’s Table:

Private Adult, Teen & Children Cooking Classes, Team-Building Sessions, FUNdraisers, Bridal Showers, Culinary Clubs, EATiQuette Workshop and Culinary Day Trips.

The programs are hosted by food & consumer affairs writer, test kitchen manager, radio show journalist, certified kitchen manager, cookbook author and culinary instructor: Pam Jackson

Around Annabelle’s Table is an affiliate of Skipping Stars Productions LLC

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