An Edible Version Of Punxsutawney Phil

Source: – by Sandra Denneler

Who cares if there’s more winter ahead when you’ve got these adorable groundhog hot dogs on your plate?

Hot dog, that’s a tasty groundhog! | SheKnows

On Feb. 2, the groundhog always takes center stage as we anxiously wait to hear if spring is on its way. This year, celebrate Groundhog Day by making him the center of your plate, too! These funny hot dog groundhogs can be placed inside cornbread muffins, a snowy mound of mashed potatoes or baked biscuits, whichever your family prefers. Easy to create and a fun way to celebrate America’s favorite weather-forecasting rodent.

Groundhog hot dogs

For this recipe, 1 hot dog makes 2 groundhogs

Ingredients and supplies:

  • Hot dogs
  • White cheese slice
  • Black olives
  • Cream cheese
  • Clean paper hole punch
  • Black food coloring pen
  • Clean scissors
  • Cornbread muffins, mashed potatoes or biscuits


1 Prepare groundhog burrows

These can be created using cornbread muffins, mashed potatoes or biscuits. Bake or make whichever you prefer before making the hot dog groundhogs.

2 Cut groundhog ears and bake

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F. Cut the hot dogs in half. To form the ears, make circular cuts at the top and around the back of the top of each hot dog. Prop the ears up with toothpicks. Place the hot dogs on a baking sheet and cook them for 10 minutes.

Hot dog, that’s a tasty groundhog!

3 Make eyes, noses and teeth

While the hot dogs are cooking, make the eyes, noses and teeth. Punch out circles of cheese and olives with a clean paper hole punch. Add dots to the cheese eyes using a black edible food coloring pen. Cut small rectangles of cheese for the teeth with a pair of clean scissors.

Hot dog, that’s a tasty groundhog!

4 Attach eyes, noses and teeth to hot dogs

When the hot dogs are done, allow them to cool a few minutes. Remove the toothpicks from behind the ears. Wipe any grease off of the face area. Attach the eyes, nose and teeth with tiny dollops of cream cheese.

Hot dog, that’s a tasty groundhog!

5 Place the groundhogs in their burrows

Use hollowed-out centers of your cornbread muffins,

Hot dog, that’s a tasty groundhog!

piles of mashed potatoes

Hot dog, that’s a tasty groundhog!

or baked biscuits.

Hot dog, that’s a tasty groundhog!

6 Eat up!

Celebrate Groundhog Day with a plate full of fun.

Hot dog, that’s a tasty groundhog!

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