Thai Style Sausage Rolls

Finger Food, Kids’ Food, Mince, Sausage Rolls, Spicy, Thai.

Cakes and Capers

Thai style sausage rolls in oven

I love the fact that my kids are open to new flavours in their food….well mostly anyway.  We’ve always taken them to restaurants and exposed them to various cuisines since they were babies.  They love curries and spicy foods.  I know at home I can cook things with a bit of heat and they’ll usually get eaten (kids can be fickle after all).  These pork Thai Style Sausage Rolls are no exception.

Make no mistake though, this is not just kids’ food.  These sausage rolls, served as finger food for a party, are gobbled up voraciously by adults too.  Perhaps it’s the subtle balance of flavours…spicy, salty, fresh.  Perhaps it’s the irresistible contrast of textures.. flaky pastry, moist interior.  Maybe it’s just the way they resemble plump little pillows.  Whatever it is, these tasty morsels are a lot of fun to make and eat.  Serve them with a dipping sauce…

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