Sprouting Fun!

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Do you like to sprouts?

I thought I would show you a busy sprouting day for me. I don’t always have this much sprouting at one time but I was out of so much!

To name what I have soaking and sprouting I’ll start from the back left going to the right:

sunflower seeds, regular lentils, broccoli seeds, small green lentils, buckwheat, and in front wheat berries

The sunflower seeds and wheat berries will be grown as my microgreens (wheatgrass & sunflower greens). The rest will be only grown to the sprout stage and then eaten in my salads and other ways. The reason why the sunflower and wheat berries are soaking and not the others is because I started soaking them later. The others also soaked over night and are now drained. In time I will do a post on each item and how I grow them.


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